Maternal Child Adolescent Health (MCAH)

Three photos of a baby's feet, a child's face, and a close up of a mother holding a newborn with the words "WE'RE HERE FOR YOU, WE'RE HERE FOR YOUR CHILD, WE'RE HERE FOR YOUR FAMILY." On the right-hand side is black text on a light blue background that reads "Maternal Child Adolescent Health"

Maternal Child Adolescent Health (MCAH) Program is made up of a variety of programs designed to improve and promote the health and wellness of women of reproductive age, infants, children, adolescents, and their families.

MCAH programs are here to ensure the physical, social-emotional, and mental well-being of women, children, fathers, and families. Nurses who work in MCAH work so that:

  • All children are born healthy and to healthy mothers
  • All women, children and their families have a safe and healthy environment to live in
  • All women, children, and their families have equal access to applicable and needed care within an integrated and seamless system
  • No health status disparities among racial/ethnic, gender, economic and regional groups are encountered

MCAH is currently focusing on:

  • Access to prenatal and postpartum care
  • Maternal mental health awareness
  • Child growth and development screening
  • Awareness of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)
  • SIDS risk reduction 
  • Breastfeeding initiation and duration
  • Adolescent sexual health
  • Adolescent mental health/suicide prevention 

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Pregnant and need immediate health insurance? Here are your options! 

Babies need the right mix of nutrients to stay healthy, and these nutrients are found in human breast milk and in formula approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). As parents and caregivers across the nation struggle to find formula, your baby's health depends on using products that meet federal standards and are prepared according to directions on the label. We have compiled some state resources for families in Del Norte County. 

Infant Formula Shortage Information:

Information for families having difficulty finding formula
Information for WIC families on formula availability
Information on homemade formula safety
Information about the formula shortage
Find out if you are eligible for WIC
Temporary formula options

If you would like to refer a parent or child for services, please use the Universal Referral Form below and fax it to (707) 465-6701


County of Del Norte
Department of Health & Human Services
Social Services Branch Public Assistance /
Employment & Training Branch
880 Northcrest Drive
Crescent City, CA 95531
Phone (707) 464-3191
Fax (707) 465-1783
880 Northcrest Drive
Crescent City, CA 95531
Phone (707) 464-3191
Fax (707) 465-1783

Behavioral Health Branch

Public Health Branch
455 K Street
Crescent City, CA 95531
(707) 464-7224
(800) 446-4408 (toll free)
400 L Street
Crescent City, CA 95531
Phone (707) 464-0861
Fax (707) 465-6701