Reach For Success Peer Mentoring

Reach For Success Peer Mentoring: 

High school aged mentors facilitate the Second Step curriculum to 5th grader students afterschool for 18 sessions a year. Second Step curriculum is an evidence based program for emotional and social development.  This program is also supported by the Del Norte Unified school district.  High School Mentors participant in activities the entire academic year. Funded through Mental Health Services Act  (Average 130 students per year)

Reach for Success Mentoring Program goes to 5 elementary schools: Pine Grove, Joe Hamilton, Mary Peacock, Smith River, and Bess Maxwell. We provide training, snack, and transportation to the schools and home. At the end of each school year we have a celebration dinner for the participants and their families.

Being a mentor is fun and it doesn’t take a lot of time. We meet at lunch one day a week with lunch provided & one day after school for an hour an a half! You get to choose what day & what school works best for you!

Office : 707.464.3060  

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