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(707) 464-7273
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450 H Street, Room 182
Crescent City,

Victim Witness

The Del Norte County Victim/Witness Assistance Center, operated by the Del Norte County District Attorney, provides supportive services to victims and witnesses of crime. Victim advocates provide court escort for victims who must testify and to victims and their families at the time of sentencing. Staff work closely with criminal justice agencies to provide victims with timely, accurate case progress information. Victims and witnesses are also eligible to receive other services that include: referral to other social service agencies, victim statement assistance, post-sentence and prison release information, as well as help determining eligibility for filing claims with the California Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board for payment of medical bills, counseling costs, lost wages, and funeral and burial expenses.

The Victim/Witness staff's role is to assist victims and witnesses in understanding the often confusing criminal justice system and to relieve some of the trauma of victimization.