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981 H Street, Suite 140
Crescent City,


Clinton Schaad, Auditor-Controller

Clinton Schaad


981 H Street, Suite 140  |  Crescent City, CA 95531
Phone (707) 464-7202  |  Fax (707) 464-7286

The Auditor-Controller is the chief financial officer of the county. The Auditor-Controller performs duties under the legal authority prescribed in the California Government Code. The Auditor-Controller is an elected official that is responsible for providing a broad range of financial accounting and auditing services to all County departments, agencies, and various special districts within the County of Del Norte whose funds are kept in the county treasury.

Online Budget Lookup

Access current budget, expenditure, and revenue information for all County Departments.

Public Documents

Documents released by the Auditor-Controller, including Budget Books and Financial Reports can be found in the Public Documents sections of our site.

ACH - Vendor Electronic Payments

The Del Norte County Auditor-Controller offers our vendors the ability to receive ACH (electronic) payments.

Information about California Use/Tax

California's sales tax generally applies to the sale of merchandise, including vehicles, in the state. California's use tax applies to the use, storage, or other consumption of those same kinds of items in the state.

Generally, if sales tax would apply when you buy physical merchandise in California, use tax applies when you make a similar purchase without tax from a business located outside the state.  For these purchases, the buyer is required to pay use tax separately. 

Clinton Schaad

981 H Street, Suite 140
Crescent City, CA 95531
Phone (707) 464-7202
Fax (707) 464-7286