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Code Enforcement

Dominic Mello  |  Code Enforcement Officer 

Ryan Lopez  |  Code Enforcement Officer 

981 H Street, Suite 110  |  Crescent City, CA 95531
(707) 464-7254  |  Fax (707) 465-0340

The Code Enforcement Division of the Community Development Department has the following duties:

To perform the inspections and investigations, and to take such actions as are necessary to enforce compliance with County ordinances, resolutions, and regulations relating to zoning and land use, grading, public nuisances, including visual blight, recreational vehicles and tents, and other codes and regulations as directed by the Director of Community Development.

The Code Enforcement Officer also serves as a Vehicle Abatement and Parking Enforcement Officer and in that capacity, within the County of Del Norte, has the duty and power to enforce any parking ordinance of the County of Del Norte or the State of California.

The County of Del Norte Code Enforcement Division also provides services for the enforcement of ordinances and regulations of the Del Norte Solid Waste Management Authority, a joint powers authority of the City of Crescent City and the County of Del Norte.


County Code Compliance Request Process  |  County Code Violation Complaint Form.pdf

  1. Receive complaint.
  2. Investigate to determine if a violation exists.
  3. If a violation does exist, the property owner or violator will be contacted and informed of the violation and what actions are needed to remedy the violation. A  specific compliance date deadline will be given.
  4. On the compliance deadline date, Code Enforcement Staff will verify that compliance has been attained. If the violation has been remedied the case will be closed.
  5. If upon re-inspection, the violation still exists, the property owner or violator will be contacted and again requested to comply. The second notice may include a date on which a citation may be issued/or further enforcement measures applied if the problem has not been resolved.
  6. After the citation deadline is reached, a site visit is made to determine if the matter has been corrected. If the violation still exists, a citation may be issued and the case information prepared for an Administrative Hearing before the County's Public Hearing Officer.

County Code Violation Complaint Form.pdf

Bid/Proposal Documents

It is the Bidder's/Proposer's responsibility to check this website for addenda. The County will post addenda to this website at least 72 hours in advance of the bid opening or proposal submittal deadline.

Countywide Bid, RFP, and RFQ Notification List you may subscribe to the Countywide Bid, RFP, and RFQ notification list by sending an email to:  This list is managed by the Information Technology Department.

Request for Proposals

The County of Del Norte (“County”) intends to retain a qualified contractor to provide on-call public nuisance abatement services for the Community Development Department (CDD), Code Enforcement Division, as described within this RFP throughout the County of Del Norte.  This document details the scope of service to be performed and outlines the evaluation and selection process. 

Request for Proposal for On-Call  Nuisance Abatement Services

Fillable Attachment B - Fee Schedule

Addendum No. 1 - September 27, 2022

Addendum No. 2 - September 28, 2022

Revised Fillable Attachment B - Rate Schedule

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