General Information

Juvenile Justice Commission

The Del Norte County Juvenile Justice Commission is made up of community members concerned about the treatment of children in foster care system and youthful offenders who pass through the juvenile justice system. In addition they support community efforts to prevent juvenile delinquency and other risk taking behaviors that may influence a young person to involve him/herself in more serious crimes.

The Welfare and Institutions Code Section 225 of requires each county in California to have a Juvenile Justice Commission (JJC). The JJC must be made up of not less than seven and no more than 15 members, including two members between the ages of fourteen and twenty-one years. The duties of the JJC are "to inquire into the administration of the juvenile court law" in the county where it has jurisdiction. The JJC has access to all publicly administered institutions in the county where juvenile offenders are housed. It is their duty to inspect these institutions at least once a year, completing a report of findings, and then forwarding the report to the supervisors of the facility and the state. In addition to juvenile halls and other incarceration facilities, the JJC may inquire into non-confidential administrations of any group home in the county which houses wards for dependent children of the Juvenile Court. The JJC members may attend Juvenile Court and dependency hearing, review treatment programs, and investigate events occurring within the Juvenile Justice System and make recommendations to the presiding Juvenile Court Judge and the Chief Probation Officer.


Paul Dillard, Chairperson
(707) 218-8100

David Dornaus, Vice Chairperson
(707) 464-1971

Mary Jo Duncan, Co-Secretary
(707) 464-4505

Tony Fabricius, Co-Secretary

Debbie Horner

Christy Hernandez

Baylee Dundom