Health Care Program for Children in Foster Care (HCPCFC)

Foster Care Nursing Program

The Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) Program administers a public health nursing (PHN) program for children in foster care, known as Health Care Program for Children in Foster Care (HCPCFC). In this program, a PHN works to identify, prioritize & follow-up on medical, dental, mental & developmental health needs of children & youth in foster care.

Through the HCPCFC, a public health nurse provides the following services in consultation and collaboration with social workers and probation officers:
  • Medical and health care case planning.
  • Helps foster caregivers to obtain timely comprehensive health assessments and dental examinations.
  • Expedites referrals for medical, dental, mental health and developmental services.
  • Coordinates health services for children in out-of-county and out-of-state placements.
  • Provides medical education through the interpretation of medical reports and training for foster team members on the special health care needs of children and youth in foster care.
  • Participates in the creation and updating of the Health and Education Passport for every child as required by law.

HCPCFC Contact

Kristi Merchant
Foster Care Nurse (707) 464-0861 ext. 2821