Health & Safety Alerts

Health & Safety Alerts

These are alerts for the general public. 

Please go here to see alerts for health professionals.

4/6/2020     Community   COVID-19 Community Update 

4/2/2020     Community   First Confirmed Case of COVID-19 
                     Update        First Confirmed Case of COVID-19 (Spanish)

4/1/2020     Community   COVID-19 Community Update 
                     Update        COVID-19 Community Update (Spanish)

3/27/2020   Community   COVID-19 Short Term Rental Declaration 

3/23/2020   Community   COVID-19 Community Update
                      Update      COVID-19 Community Update (Spanish)
                                        COVID-19 Community Update (Hmong)              

03/19/20     Community   COVID-19 Community Update

03/17/20         Press        Public Health Officials Declare Emergency
                      Release     Declaration of a Local Health Emergency
                                        Proclamation of a Local Emergency

03/16/20     Community  COVID-19 Community Update

03/12/20        Advisory    Gathering Guidance Related to COVID-19

03/09/20      Community  COVID-19 Community Update

03/08/20        Advisory    Suspected Case Results Negative

03/05/20         Press       Suspected Case of COVID-19 in Del Norte County 

02/26/2020    Advisory    Coronavirus Information and Recommendations
                                        Información y Recomendaciones de Coronavirus

02/21/2020    Advisory    COVID-19 Information 

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