Diversion can help with cash assistance to meet a specific need or emergency. It can keep you from going on Long-Term Aid by making One-Time Assistance available. The choice for diversion needs to be made prior to the granting of CalWORKs.


Some examples of Diversion uses include:

·         Car repairs

·         Eviction notice

·         Past-Due rent

·         Tools or Uniforms for Work

·         Other work related expenses


Choosing Diversion over CalWORKs does not affect eligibility to CalFresh or Medi-Cal.


Your Diversion period is based on the amount of assistance you receive and the number of CalWORKs eligible family members. You will sign a Diversion Services Agreement which will state the length of your Diversion period.


If you reapply for CalWORKs during your Diversion Period, you can either have the assistance deducted from your monthly aid payments, or have the months deducted from your lifetime 48-Month CalWORKs limit.


Diversion is approved on a case-by-case basis.




Interested in Diversion?

Tell your intake worker you want to speak to the

Diversion Specialist.