The CalWORKs Interview

A face-to-face interview is required for all adult household members. The children do not need to attend the interview; however, they will need to be viewed prior to your benefits being approved.

If your household does not qualify for CalWORKs benefits, you will be sent a notice explaining why. If your household does qualify, the notice will explain how much the CalWORKs benefit will be for your household. The notice will also explain how many months you can receive CalWORKs benefits (certification period) before re-evaluation of eligibility is required. When the re-evaluation is due, a letter will be sent to your last known address to advise you of your scheduled appointment.

What should I have for my initial interview?

·         Identification (driver’s license, state ID card, passport, it does not need to be a picture ID);

·         Citizenship verification for each applicant (birth certificate).

·         Immigration Status for each applicant (Resident Alien Card)

·         Sponsored noncitizen information;

·         Social Security Numbers for each applicant (or verification that you have applied for one);

·         Proof of income for all persons applying for benefits; paystubs, letters for unemployment, disability, or worker’s compensation benefits.  Verification of all    income for the past 30 days;

·         Proof of housing; rental agreements or receipts, mortgage receipts;

·         Child Support court orders and receipts.

·         Property: bank accounts, vehicles, life insurance policies, etc.