Public Assistance/Employment & Training Branch

The Public Assistance branch of the Department of Health and Human Services consists of many programs, such as cash assistance to families with dependent children, supplemental food assistance, medical coverage, and additional programs under each of these categories.

We have professional, knowledgeable, and courteous staff to assist you in accessing all services available to you. Our mission is to promote the health, safety, self-sufficiency and well being of children, families and individuals creating hope for the future.  

Programs are eligibility based:              


 Cash Assistance- CalWORKs

Welfare-to-Work  for CalWORKs

  •    Child Care
  •    Transportation Assistance
  •     Job Readiness
  •     Work Experience
  •     Referrals  for Vocational Training
  •     Expanded Subsidized Employment(ESE)

Low Cost/No Cost Health Insurance