In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS)


The IHSS Public Authority acts as the Employer or Record, and provides services that support IHSS Care Providers in our County.

The Public Authority’s main functions are:
  • Manages enrollment of IHSS Care Providers (Background Checks, Orientations) and IHSS Recipient/IHSS Care Provider employment paperwork.
  • Manages payroll for IHSS Care Providers.
  • Maintains a Care Provider Registry of IHSS Care Providers who are available to work.
  • Acts as Employer of Record, for all IHSS Care Providers in Del Norte County, for collective bargaining purposes.
  • Provides information to IHSS Care Providers and IHSS Recipients about provider employment.

The IHSS Public Authority is located within the Del Norte County Department of Health and Human services.

Please contact the IHSS Public Authority at 707-464-3191 or 707-464-7807 for more information.