Behavioral Health Branch

To access our Behavioral Health Branch services 24 hours a day, please call:

Mental Health
1-888-446-4408 (toll free)
Substance Use
1-888-446-4408 (toll free) 

The Behavioral Health Branch Office is located at 455 K St., Crescent City, CA. 
It is opened Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm.
Remi Vista children's services are located at 370 9th St. Crescent City, CA, 707-464-4349.  


Guide to Services

Welcome to the Behavioral Health Branch!
We welcome you to County of Del Norte Department of Health and Human ServicesBehavioral Health Branch (DHHS, BHB) and to the Medi-Cal Mental Health Plan. In January, 2019 we intergrated our Alcohol and Other Drugs and Mental Health Branches into one Behavioral Health Branch. We provide specialty mental health services for people who live in Del Norte County, including those who are eligible for Medi-Cal. We are applying to become Drug Medi-Cal certified. 

As your behavioral health services plan, we have specific goals. These are to:
  • Improve access to behavioral health care.
  • Work with you and other health care providers to arrange for quality care for you.
  • Be sensitive to your needs and respect your privacy
As the participant, you also have specific responsibilities. These are to:
  • Work with staff to choose the best staff member for you.
  • Keep your appointments as scheduled, or call if you cannot make your appointment.
  • Work on treatment goals with your therapist and doctor.
Service Team
We will help you to write a special Client Plan. A team of experts will review your plan to determine if you need services. Your
multi-disciplinary team may include:
  • Psychiatrist (M.D.)
  • Psychologist (Ph.D.)
  • Marriage and Family Therapist Intern
  • Mental Health Specialist
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker Intern

How much do I have to pay?
Fees at DHHS, MHB are figured according to income on a sliding scale. You may ask about charges by calling the MHB at 707-464-
7224 during regular office hours. Medi-Cal and other insurance coverage is accepted.

Can I pick my provider?
You may inform the staff person completing your first assessment that you would like to choose your provider. After you begin
receiving services, you may tell the person assigned to you that you would like to change to another service provider. Your choice
of service provider can include providers who meet your language or cultural needs. Whenever possible, your request will be filled.
Interpreters who speak the language you prefer can help you with this process. You may pick up a list of our providers from the
Behavioral Health lobby.

Are clients’ rights taken into consideration?
Most definitely yes! The DHHS, BHB staff is committed to the preservation of your client rights. Some basic rights include the right
  • Dignity, privacy, humane care
  • Participate in decisions about your care, including the right to accept or refuse
  • Informed consent about medication and treatment
  • Access to the Patient’s Rights Advocate
  • Be treated with respect and with due consideration for your dignity and privacy
  • Request and receive copies of your medical records or request that they be amended or corrected
  • Be free from any form of restraint or seclusion used as a means of retaliation, coercion, discipline, or convenience
  • Receive informing materials in a language or in alternate formats that you can easily understand. All language assistance services are free. Let us know how we can help you understand our informing materials.
The following services are available in English and Spanish for Older Adults, Adults, and Youth/Children. Other language resources are available as needed (including Hmong) and will be provided for free.

Crisis Intervention
A fast response service enabling you to cope with a crisis and remain in the community

Psychiatric Evaluation
An assessment of your current emotional, behavioral, and mental status

Medication Evaluation
A face-to-face meeting with a psychiatrist (M.D.) or licensed nurse to determine the benefit of prescribing medication to alleviate symptoms of mental illness

School Services
Individual, family and group counseling; meetings with teachers. The EPSDT (Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment) services are available for people who have Medi-Cal.

Acute Hospitalization
If required, inpatient acute psychiatric hospital services through a number of providers under contract

Mental Health Services
Individual, family, or group counseling

Case Management
Assistance provided to promote access to needed medical, educational, social, pre-vocational, vocational, rehabilitative, and other community services

Information and Referral
Recommendations, information, and assistance to help you use services that may be valuable to you

Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS)
For children with Medi-Cal who have serious emotional problems and need intense one-to-one help, up to 24 hrs a day, to prevent removal to more restrictive living situations

Additional Programs and Services Available 
  • Perinatal Intensified Outpatient Treatment (IOT)
  • Perinatal Phase 2
  • Drug Court
  • Aftercare
  • Dual Diagnosis, Co-Occurring Disorders(COD)
  • Mild to Moderate Treatment
  • Adolescent Youth Treatment, Transitional Age Youth
  • Adolescent Youth Treatment at Juvenile Hall
  • Del Norte County Jail In-Custody Treatment

How do I resolve complaints and problems, or appeal a denial of a service?
If you are not happy with your services, you may talk with us or write to us, and we will try to resolve the problem. For more information on resolving problems, please pick up a copy of the Client Problem Resolution Guide available in the Behavioral Health Branch lobby. For help, talk to your therapist, the Behavioral Health Director, or the Privacy/Compliance Officer.

Heather Snow, LCSW

455 K Street, 
Crescent City, CA 95531
Phone: (707) 464-7224 
or 1-888-446-4408

Office Hours: 
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
 Monday - Friday
24-hour Crisis Services
are available: 
Call 1-888-446-4408 
or Dial 911
Patient’s Rights Advocate (707) 464-7224
State Mental Health Ombudsman