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"The mission of the Del Norte County's District Attorney's office is to ensure public safety through accountability" We strive to attain this mission by a policy of filing every criminal case our resources allow.  If a crime has happened, and we can prove it and it is proper to do so, we will use every resource at our disposal to hold the offender accountable. This policy is guided by a principle of being firm, fair yet compassionate.

The District Attorney's Office has maintained units for the prosecution of general crimes. We have a dedicated staff for the prosecution of Pelican Bay State Prison crimes. We have also pursued deadbeat parents are held accountable through an agreement with the county's family support department.

We also have and give specialized consideration to those who make a simple mistake in life and wish to avoid obtaining a criminal record through our general diversion program. If a defendant has no criminal history and he or she engages in misdemeanor conduct then they will be offered an educational program to avoid obtaining a conviction and life time record. The D.A.'s office also in conjunction with our local tax collector's office offers a one time bad check diversion program. These programs are offered to get a one time offender back on their feet while avoiding being convicted.

The Del Norte County D.A.'S Office maintains vertical prosecution efforts in two other specialized areas:

Domestic violence offenders and sexual assault suspects given the repeatative nature of their crimes are all reviewed and prosecuted from inception to conviction by a single prosecutor. This vertical assures the highest level of accountability and guarantees the highest level of success at the lowest cost to the victim.

Finally, in our county teamwork is not just lip service, we succeed were other counties falter because we adhere to an atmosphere of mutual respect, mutual aid knowing we are only as strong as our weakest link.

CDCR Office of Victim Services
For more information about victim services from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) Office of Victim Services, go to their website by clicking here.  

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