Bid/Proposal Documents

Bid/Proposal Documents

It is the Bidder's/Proposer's responsibility to check this website for addenda. The County will post addenda to this website at least 72-hours in advance of bid opening or proposal submittal deadline.

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Request for Proposals

RFP for Professional Planning Services for Preparation of 6th Cycle Housing Element Update, Update of the Housing Sites Inventory, Zoning Ordinance and General Plan Amendments to Accelerate Housing Production, and Associated Environmental Review

The County of Del Norte (County) is requesting proposals (RFP) for professional planning services for the preparation of the County’s 6th Cycle Housing Element update, an update to the housing sites inventory, implementation of one or more programs identified in the 6th Cycle Housing Element, amendments to the zoning ordinance and general plan to accelerate housing production, and associated environmental review as required under the California Environmental Quality Act. The project is funded through the California Department of Housing and Community Development Department’s SB 2 Planning Grant and Local Early Action Planning Grant. 

RFP Addendum

RFP Addendum No. 1