Forms and Handouts

Electronic versions of County forms and handouts are provided here.  Please do not modify the formatting of the original documents (none of the forms are fillable).  

Applications and Forms:

  1. Encroachment Permit Application - Allow a few weeks for Encroachment Permit Application to be processed.

    1. Request to Close County Road or Right-of-Way

  2. Grading Permit Application

  3. Request for Road Improvement Deferment or Modified Road Improvement Standards

  4. SRA Fire Safe Regulations

  5. Street Vacation Application


  1. Street Naming and Sign Guidance

  2. Consulting Services In Del Norte County

  3. Permitting and CEQA Contacts

  4. Intersection Visibility Criteria (DNCC 12.08.010)

  5. Procedure for Easement Deeds

Agreements (SAMPLE):

  1. Agreement to Harvest County Trees

  2. Deferred Improvement Agreement

Questions regarding the forms and handouts on this page may be directed to the Engineering and Surveying Division at 707-464-7229.