The Del Norte County Elections Office is responsible for the registration of voters, maintenance of voter files, the conduct of federal, state, local and special elections and the verification of initiative, referendum and recall petitions. There are approximately 12,000 registered voters in Del Norte County,  and 18 voting precincts.

Tracking your ballot - when it is mailed, received, and counted - has never been easier.

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How to get Election Results and Notifications

The Live Stream of the Ballot Room is no longer being offered.  Anyone wishing to witness the process is welcome to come to our office, located at 981 H Street, Suite 160, Crescent City.

  • On election day, initial results from Vote-By-Mail ballots are expected to be posted shortly after the polls close at 8pm.  The last set of results for the evening are typically posted by 11pm on election night.
  • Updates and election results will be posted to our election update group below and posted on the County Facebook Page.
  • To receive updates via email, subscribe to our group by sending an email to:  election-updates+subscribe@co.del-norte.ca.us
  • Out of the area voters can call 1-844-223-5328 to check the status of their ballot.
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November 3, 2020 General Election

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