Complaint Resolution

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In order to serve you better, we ask that you follow these guidelines to resolve any concerns and/or complaints you have.

When you have an inquiry, speak to your Child Support Specialist regarding any concerns that you have. If the issues have not been resolved to your satisfaction, your next step is to speak with a Child Support Supervisor.

After you have spoken with the Child Support Supervisor, if you still have questions and concerns you may wish to contact the Ombudsman.

The Ombudsman will take your complaint and respond to you in writing clarifying your concerns. The Ombudsman will then:

  1. Submit your complaint to the State as a Conflict Resolution.
  2. Submit your case to the Conflict Resolution Investigator for Investigation.
  3. Meet with either the Investigator or the Conflict Resolution Team to advocate your position.
  4. Submit a cover letter to the Conflict Resolution Investigator's letter explaining the State Hearing process if you do not agree with the agency's response to your complaint.
  5. Make an appointment for you at your request to have the agency resolution and the State Hearing process explained in person by the Ombudsman and anyone else necessary to assist in the explanation.

Title 22(CCR) Division 13, Chapter 10, Article 2, Section 120106

This section dictates the Notice of Complaint Resolution shall be mailed to the complainant no later than 30 days after the complaint receipt date. The LCSA shall close the complaint after completing the following actions:

  • Acknowledging the Complaint
  • Investigating the Complaint
  • Issues a notice of complaint resolution
  • Complete the complaint resolution requirement action to resolve the complaint provided in Section 120100.

The State Hearing is for Non Custodial Parents and Custodial Parents only. The Complaint Resolution must be completed by the client and the local agency before the State Hearing process.

Complaint Resolution/ State Hearings:


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