Board of Supervisors

Chairperson:Supervisor Hemmingsen, District 4                                          981 H Street, Suite 200
Vice-Chairperson: Supervisor Howard, District 3                                         Crescent City, CA 95531
Clerk of the Board: Kylie Heriford                                                                     (707) 464-7204

The Board of Supervisors are the governing body for the County of Del Norte and certain special districts. The Board enacts ordinances and resolutions, adopts the annual budget, approves contracts, appropriates funds, appoints certain County officers and members of various boards and commissions.

Roger Gitlin
Supervisor, District 1
Office (707) 464-0801

Martha McClure
Supervisor, District 2
Office (707) 464-7204

Chris Howard
Supervisor, District 3
Office (707) 464-7204

Gerry Hemmingsen
Supervisor, District 4
Office (707) 464-7204

David Finigan
Supervisor, District 5
Office (707) 464-7204

Regular meetings of the Board of Supervisors are held and broadcast live the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at the Flynn Administrative Center, 981 H Street, Crescent City.

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