Bar‑O Boys Ranch has a fully accredited school that is staffed and provided for by Del Norte County Unified School District.  Great emphasis is placed on improving each student's basic reading, writing, speaking, spelling and mathematics problem solving skills.  Each boy is tested when he arrives and then is allowed to work at his own level in the various subjects.  Students can move quickly, even for boys with low school attendance in recent years.


In addition to regular academic classes, our school offers classes in wood shop, forestry, photography, leather crafts, kayaking, and screen‑printing.


Normally, Bar‑O has a summer school program that runs for eight weeks.  During this time, these boys spend half‑day working on academic subjects and half‑day working on the summer school project, e.g. gold dredging, construction, agriculture, etc.


Bar‑O Ranch is fortunate to have the 1994 Del Norte County teacher of the year.  His tireless dedication to create positive learning experiences helped earn him and the ranch this honor.