Bar‑O's program is filled with various activities. Every weekend recreation run utilizes the area’s recreational resources such as fishing, swimming, beach combing, hiking, etc. The ranch has organized athletic teams that compete with local teams in baseball and basketball. These are some of the many activities that take place during the year.

Staff is encouraged to provide as varied a selection of activities as possible in order to allow all boys to have a place where they can stand out. Bar-O-ranch takes full advantage of all the recreational activities our area has to offer. Our rivers, streams and hiking opportunities offer our boys new experiences constantly. Our boys can often be seen involved in fish counts with the Department of Fish & Game or paddling in our kayaks while cleaning up shorelines in our lagoons or lakes. Our boys experience mountain climbing, camping trips and an overall outdoors experience on regular bases while they are at our facility.

Most of our wards suffer from an extreme lack of self‑confidence and accomplishment. An opportunity for these boys to stand out from the rest often results in the beginning of attitudinal changes.