Concealed Weapon (CCW) Procedure

The following procedures must be completed and understood before the applicant will be considered for a concealed weapon permit.

  1. The applicant must reside in the jurisdiction of the Sheriff/Coroner of Del Norte County.
  2. The applicant must complete the statewide standard application form for a CCW license. (Including page 9)
  3. The applicant must: 
    • Complete a Livescan fingerprinting. (Tuesdays & Fridays, 9:00)
    • Turn in the completed application form at fingerprint time.
    • Pay the applicant fee of $158.00 (in cash or check).
    • Provide a California Identification.
  4. You will need to provide proof of ownership for each weapon you plan to carry. The proof of ownership must reference the guns serial number.
  5. Once we have received a clearance from the “California Department of Justice”, you will be notified. The Sheriff’s secretary will contact you to set up your interview with the Sheriff.
  6. If the Sheriff approves you for a CCW, you will need to complete an approved weapon qualification course. At this time these are the approved range masters:
    • Bob Saylor, 707-954-5771
    • Jim Tygart, 707-218-1009
    • Ryan King, 707-672-4160
    • Anthony Harrison, 707-951-4614
    • Jonathon Nelson, 707-458-5168
    • Bryon Thorton, 707-954-6942
    • Gene McManus, 707-218-6117
  7. Once you have completed your qualification, bring the form to the Sheriff’s Civil Office.
  8. Upon final approval, you will be called to come into the Civil office to sign the permit and get your right hand thumbprint.


  • The permit, if issued, will not be valid outside the State of California.
  • The permit, if issued, is valid for two years from the date of issuance. The applicant may apply for renewal, with a fee of $77.00.
  • If a modification is needed, there is a $20.00 fee at time of submitting the modification form.  
  • The Sheriff may revoke the CCW at any time.
  • The time necessary to complete the application process and await the clearance from DOJ can take up to six weeks or longer.

Please make sure your application is filled out completely, including Investigator’s Interview questions (page 9). Make sure you sign and date your application.

CCW Application 

  • After downloading, complete all pages, including page 9.
  • Refer to the Concealed Weapon (CCW) Procedure page for complete step by step instructions

CCW Renewal Application

  • Please download and fill out the attached form and return to the Civil office located at, 650 Fifth Street, Crescent City, CA. 95531. 
  • Please be sure to print out the procedure process as well.