Cash Assistance - CalWORKs

California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs) provides temporary financial assistance and employment related services to needy families with minor children who are deprived of parental support or care due to absence, disability, unemployment/underemployment, or death of a parent.

The program is designed to help families meet their basic needs in difficult times, while helping them to enter or reenter the workforce and become self-sufficient. Aided adults must participate in the Welfare-to-Work program unless exempt. A variety of supportive services are available through the Welfare-to-Work program.

If you are not exempt from participation and you do not participate in assigned activities, your cash aid may be lowered or stopped. Special services are also available for pregnant or parenting teens through the Cal-Learn Program. 

Immediate Need

You may be eligible for immediate assistance when you apply if you have an emergency need such as:

  • You are homeless, have an eviction notice, a notice to pay rent or move; or
  • Your food will run out within three days; or
  • Your utilities have been or will be shut off; or
  • You don’t have sufficient clothing or diapers; or
  • You have another kind of emergency important to health and safety.

For Immediate Need, only identification is required for the first month’s benefit and other verification can be postponed. The second month of benefits cannot be granted until the postponed verification is provided. 

Homeless Assistance

If you are eligible for CalWORKs and you are homeless, the Homeless Assistance Program can help you secure permanent housing or provide temporary shelter. 

  • Temporary Homeless Assistance may pay up to 16 days of temporary shelter including hotel or motel costs.
  • Permanent Homeless Assistance may help you secure housing or avoid eviction by paying for a security deposit and last month's rent or 2 months of past due rent to stop you from being evicted. 

Benefit Amounts

The amount of a family’s monthly assistance payment will depend on factors like income and the number of eligible people in your home.

Eligibility Factors

  • U.S. Citizenship or have Lawful Immigration Status. For more information on Non-citizen services, see Benefits for Non-Citizens.
  • Have a minor child whose parent(s) may be unable to provide full support or care due to absence, incapacity, or unemployment. 
  • A pregnant person with no minor children.
  • Have care, custody, and control of a relative child.
  • Have California Residency.
  • Be able to provide photo identification when requested.
  • Have a Social Security Number (SSN) for each family member or proof that you have applied for one.
  • Have current immunization records for all children under the age of six.
  • Have school aged children enrolled and attending school.
  • Your income must be within the appropriate limits for your family size.
  • Your countable property and resources must be less than $11,634, or $17,452 for assistance units that include at least one member who is aged 60 or older, or disabled).

Items that will not count against your eligibility

  • The value of your home will not count as a resource as long as you live in the home,
  • Personal and household items such as furniture, appliances, computers, etc.
  • Tools needed for self-employment.
  • Federal relocation and disaster relief benefits.
  • Property, if it is owned with someone else who is not in assistance unit.

How to Get Help

Apply Online: Visit to apply  

Benefitscal is an online application system that allows you to apply for benefits. Once you create an account you can apply for benefits, open saved applications, check messages, view forms, check benefits, and view things to do.

If you apply online, a letter will be mailed to you for your face to face interview. All parents of children in the home must be present at the intake interview.

In Person:

  • Applications are available and accepted during regular business hours
  • 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.,
  • Monday through Friday
  • Our office is located at 880 Northcrest Drive, Crescent City

You can request an application be mailed to you by calling 707-464-3191 during regular business hours. Your application will not be processed until it is completed and returned as well as the initial face-to-face interview with all parents, of the children for whom they are applying, in the household.  

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