Pesticide Use Enforcement

California has one of the strongest programs of pesticide regulation in the country. Although pesticide laws are established at the state and federal levels, the local Agricultural Commissioner is responsible for their implementation.

The Pesticide Regulation program ensures that pesticides are used in an appropriate and responsible manner that protects the environment, the public and the employees of businesses that handle pesticides. Pesticides are utilized in agricultural areas, restaurants, hospitals, our homes and many public buildings. This wide variety of uses means that inspectors must work with many types of businesses and the general public to ensure safe pesticide application.

Inspectors issue permits for the use of materials that are restricted, visit farms to be sure that pesticides do not endanger workers, the public, and nearby sensitive habitats, and investigate complaints and reports of illnesses due to pesticides. The Pesticide Regulation program also works with growers and their neighbors to mitigate problems that develop when agriculture and urban areas are in close proximity.

For licensing and registration questions, please call our office at 707-464-7235, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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