Kennel Care

The County Pound is located at the Agricultural compound on Washington Boulevard in Crescent City. We maintain the pound building and grounds and make special efforts to make our guests as comfortable as possible during their stay. Animal Control Officers wash, clean and disinfect each kennel daily as well as feed, water and interact with the impounded animals.

There are 24 regular kennels, 4 quarantine kennels and a separate 4 kennel isolation room for ill dogs within our pound building. State law requires us to hold impounded animal 6 working days but we generally hold them longer, due to the generous donation of surplus or outdated dog food by some local businesses and veterinarians. We can afford to keep them longer than the lawful minimum but with limited space, when the kennels fill, room has to be made. To facilitate the return of lost animals to their owners, a microchip detecting scanner is used on all dogs entering the pound.