Humane Services

This department picks up dead animals on county roadways. CALTRANS is contacted for dead animals on state highways and city public works is responsible for removal within the city limits. We pick up and transport sick and injured animals to a veterinarian for emergency treatment or make a field determination to euthanize depending on the extent of injury. Private kennels are inspected for sanitary conditions and proper care of their charges. Unfortunately, there are many unclaimed dogs that come to our facility. We work closely with animal rescue groups so an animal has a chance to find a good home and we don’t have to perform our worst duty, that is, to humanely dispose of these surplus animals. Those that aren’t claimed or rescued are euthanized and are buried at the county landfill. We also investigate complaints of inhumane treatment. Should circumstances dictate, we impound the animal so proper care and attention can be provided. The abuser is issued a citation.