Adopting a Dog

There are usually many dogs awaiting adoption at the County Pound. Fees for adoption vary depending on what information we have on the particular dog. State law requires a $40 deposit to be paid toward the veterinarian’s cost of spaying or neutering and an agreement to be signed that the new owner will actually get the altering done. State law mandates that each animal adopted must have a rabies vaccination, the fee for which is $12. A certificate is issued for the spaying/neutering and rabies. The fee deposits are later reimbursed to the veterinarian who performed the services. In most cases, there is a three-day maximum board charge of $12 ($4 per day) with which we buy dog food. Each dog adopted must also have a County license that varies from $20 to $5.00 depending on the prorated amount for the time of year. If a dog is turned in that is already licensed, spayed or neutered, and has a current rabies vaccination, those costs are not charged to the adopter. State law requires us to hold an owner released dog for one day before adoption in case the owner changes his mind and wants the dog back. With every dog adopted, we give a free slip lead, a “free well-being exam“ certificate offered by any of our local veterinarians, and a free “goody bag”. Dogs aren't adopted out on approval and fees paid can’t be returned if the dog is unsuitable. If the dog is turned back to the Pound without utilizing the prepaid certificates, we do process refunds on the returned unused certificates.