Employer Compliance

Employer Pesticide Compliance

Many people think that only herbicides and insecticides are considered pesticides. However, under state and federal law, pesticides include any substance that is intended to control, destroy, repel, or attract any living organism that causes damage or economic loss or transmits or produces disease, A.K.A. pests. Pests can be animals (like insects or mice), unwanted plants (weeds), or microorganisms (like plant diseases, bacteria and viruses). If your business uses pesticides, you are required to adhere to all relevant pesticide laws and regulations.

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation (CDPR) has a series of ComplianceAssistance Booklets which outline many employer responsibilities. Visit their website for more information on pesticide use in California.

Please visit our Operator IDs and Permits page here to see if your business is required to obtain an Operator ID Number or a Restricted Materials Permit before pesticide use.