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(707) 464-7238
Fax: (707) 465-0315
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500 E. Cooper Avenue
Crescent City,

Roads Division

Richard Mello, Roads Superintendent

Ron Borth, Assistant Roads Superintendent

500 E Cooper Avenue  |  Crescent City, CA 95531
(707) 464-7238  |  Fax (707) 465-0315

The Roads Division of the Community Development Department is responsible for County roads and streets (194 miles of paved and 109 miles of unpaved roads) and bridges (33) throughout the County. County maintained roads include Parkway Drive, Lake Earl Drive, and the streets adjoining the City of Crescent City. County roads also include roads within lands owned by other agencies including but not limited to South Fork Road, Low Divide Road, Patrick Creek Road, French Hill Road, within the Smith River National Recreation Area and Walker Road within the boundaries of the Redwood National Park. The Roads Division responds in times of inclement weather and during emergencies. The Road Division also maintains County flood control ditches and structures within the flood control system.

Heidi Kunstal

Community Development Department Director
981 H Street, Suite 110  |  Crescent City, CA 95531
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