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Off-Highway Vehicle Opportunities

Off-Highway Vehicle Ordinance

In 2014 the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors adopted County Ordinance 2014-011 which was codified in Chapter 10.25 of the Del Norte County Code adding a new section titled “Off-Highway Vehicles” to the County Code. This new section allows for the operation of off-highway vehicles (OHV’s), in addition to conventional vehicles, on four County-maintained roads located in the Six Rivers National Forest Smith River National Recreation Area. Specifically, DN 305 (Low Divide Road), DN 314 (Gasquet Toll Road), DN 315 (Holiday Mine Road), and DN 316 (Patrick Creek Road).

Del Norte County Roads Allowing For OHV Use

The below roads allow for the operation of OHV's pursuant to Del Norte County Code Sec. 10.25

  • DN 305 - Low Divide RoadThis road can be accessed from North Bank Road (State Route 197), in Hiouchi, or Rowdy Creek Road, in Smith River. This is is an easy to moderate difficulty OHV route. There are many dispersed campsites along the way as well as several undeveloped staging areas. The road begins along ridgetops before dropping into the North Fork Smith River drainage. The Forest Service maintains the "North Fork Campground" and river access at Major Moore's which can serve as convenient staging or camping for OHV and Jeep groups in the North Fork area. The road crosses the North Fork of the Smith River before continuing back up grade towards the High Plateau/Diamond Creek area and several miles further, the Oregon border when it becomes FS 4402 (Wimer Road), which leads to the Rogue River Siskiyou National Forest Wild Rivers Ranger District and the small town of O'Brien, Oregon.
  • DN 314 - Gasquet Toll Road.The Gasquet Toll Road can be accessed above the village of Gasquet, on the west end off of North Fork Road, or via the Holiday Mine Road, on the east end. This is an easy OHV route situated above the Middle Fork of the Smith River before it enters the Patrick Creek Drainage at Three Ponds Campground where the road intersects the Holiday Mine Road
  • DN 315 - Holiday Mine Road.The Holiday Mine Road is a moderate difficulty OHV route. The road is accessed from Patrick Creek Road, from which it spurs off before heading upslope to the north along the west fork of Patrick Creek. The road climbs in a fairly steep and, in places, narrow manner before reaching the Oregon border where it intersects with FS 4402 (Wimer Road). There are several historic mines located along Holiday Mine Road as well as various trailheads including, notably, access to the Forest Service's High Dome Trail and Elk Camp Ridge Trail (the Elk Camp Ridge Trail is a motorized trail that runs upgrade parallel to the Gasquet Toll Road, to which it can be accessed from on the west end). 
  • DN 316 - Patrick Creek Road.Patrick Creek Road is accessed via U.S. Route 199, northeast of Gasquet. Patrick Creek Road is an easy difficulty OHV route. There are several developed and dispersed camping areas along Patrick Creek Road as well as several undeveloped staging locations that provide for convenient loading and unloading of OHV's. Patrick Creek Road, intersects FS 4402 (Wimer Road) several miles east of the point at which Holiday Mine Road does. 

Non-County Roads Allowing For OHV Use

In addition to the listed County maintained roads there are a number of roads and trails maintained by the Six Rivers National Forest that allow for the operation of OHV's in the Smith River National Recreation Area (SRNRA). In order to determine which roads may allow for the operation of OHV's in the SRNRA you may contact the Gasquet Ranger District and request the most current Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM). The Gasquet Ranger District Office is located at 10600 Highway 199 in Gasquet and can be reached at (707) 457-3131.


Soliciting Feedback until March 4, 2022, for the Old Gasquet Toll Ground Operations Project 

The Community Development Department, Roads Division was recently authorized by the Board of Supervisors to apply for a California State Parks’ Grants & Cooperative Agreements Program grant.  The grant would cover the cost of the rock material while County labor and equipment would be used as a mandatory match.  The project would entail hauling rock to the eastern portion of the Old Gasquet Toll Road and grading and compacting the newly distributed rock surface thereby enhancing the road for OHV and other users.   

A public meeting was held on Thursday, February 17, 2022, in the Del Norte County Board of Supervisor Chambers located at 981 H Street, Suite 100, Crescent City.   The purpose of the meeting was to solicit public feedback for the project prior to submitting the application.  Below is a link to the document provided at the meeting.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact Heidi Kunstal (contact information listed below).  

Old Gasquet Toll Road Ground Operations Project Presentation 

Old Gasquet Toll Road Ground Operations Project Location Map

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