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Measure R

Information about Measure R  

Background: The County of Del Norte has worked hard in recent years to be fiscally responsible while maintaining essential county services.  However, cuts in State funding and rising operating costs are continuing to take their toll. Since 1990, the State has taken millions of dollars from Del Norte County to deal with its own budget. Measure R provides a way to close the budget gap, protect vital county services, and help with COVID-19 economic impacts.

Measure R DEFINED: Measure R is a ballot measure on the November 3rd General Election ballot for the County of Del Norte unincorporated voters. Measure R seeks voter approval to authorize a 1% sales tax to maintain vital county services. A “YES vote” approves the County’s proposal; a “NO vote” rejects the proposal.

Measure R Ballot Question: “To support vital local services including: providing support for law enforcement for emergency response; repairing potholes and maintaining streets; preparing for and responding to natural disasters and health emergencies; maintaining emergency dispatch services for fire, ambulance, and law enforcement; maintaining jail and criminal justice services; addressing blight and public nuisances; and other general services and infrastructure; shall the measure be adopted imposing a one percent sales tax in the unincorporated area of the county, until ended by voters, providing approximately $1.2 million dollars annually, with citizen oversight and independent audits?”

Measure R Summary – Measure R will:

  • Provide support for law enforcement emergency response
  • Maintain emergency dispatch services for fire, ambulance, and law enforcement
  • Repair potholes and maintaining streets
  • Prepare for and respond to natural disasters and health emergencies
  • Maintain jail and criminal justice programs and services
  • Address blight and public nuisances
  • Continue to deliver general services and maintain local infrastructure.

Taxpayer Safeguards:

  • All funds generated by Measure R will be for the County of Del Norte to provide essential general services.
  • An Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee — for FISCAL ACCOUNTABILITY.
  • Mandatory financial audits and annual public reports to ensure funds are spent properly.

Basic necessities like groceries and prescription medications won’t be taxed.

For more information:

Visit our website at: www.co.del-norte.ca.us  OR contact: Jay Sarina, County Administrative Officer via email: jsarina@dnco.org  or by phone: (707) 464-7214.

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