Low Cost/No Cost Health Insurance

Affordable health care is essential to everyone’s health and well-being. A number of health care coverage options are now available for qualifying individuals and families. Each program has its own rules to determine who is eligible and the cost, if any, of coverage. 




Medi-Cal provides health coverage to qualifying residents of California.  The state Medi-Cal Program is administered through Department of Health Care Services. Those who qualify for Medi-Cal based on specific income levels include the aged, blind and disabled, those in long-term care, the medically needy, and those eligible as a result of qualifying for other services, such as CalWORKs, Foster Care and Adoption.


Medi-Cal eligibility has been expanded to include the non-disabled, non-elderly, childless adult populations with specific income levels. Household income will be calculated using the adjusted gross income as defined on household tax returns. There is no asset test for these households, meaning that owning valuable assets does not disqualify a person or family from this program. 


Del Norte County participates in Partnership Health Plan of California for qualified      Medi-Cal beneficiaries.


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C4Yourself is an online application system that allows you to apply for benefits. Once you create an account you can apply for benefits, open saved applications, check messages, view forms, check benefits, and view things to do.



In Person:


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You may choose to have a face-to-face interview or you can complete the entire process by mail. You can request an application by calling 707-464-3191 during regular business hours.