Community Input

Del Norte Local Transportation Commission:

Commonplace is a community input tool belonging to the Del Norte Local Transportation Commission that compiles and organizes comments regarding regional transportation facilities.

The Elk Valley Cross Road Corridor Plan is a collaborative effort between the County of Del Norte and the Del Norte Local Transportation Commission.  The project website is on the Del Norte Local Transportation Commission's website.  Public input is being sough via Commonplace.

Wonder Stump Road Community and Stakeholder Engagement:

The County of Del Norte is preparing a planning level document compiling community and stakeholder input on potential improvements to Wonder Stump Road from Yonkers Bridge to US Highway 101 (the less than two-lane portion of Wonder Stump Road).  Wonder Stump Road is a major collector that has historically received substantial public input when the slightest hint of a potential modification to the tree canopy or roots have occurred.  County maintenance crews are unable to continue using mechanized equipment to maintain existing ditches as a result of cumulative tree and root growth.  It is no longer feasible to safely perform maintenance activities while allowing traffic to navigate the work zone.  Traffic, including emergency services and school buses, continues to be subjected to an oversize one-lane road serving two-way traffic.  Trees along the paved surface and on the shoulders have scars from being hit.  In an effort to obtain stakeholder and community input, stakeholder and community meetings will be held and input is being sought via Commonplacecomment cards, and online surveys.  Ultimately, a summary of engagement will compile community and stakeholder feedback to assist with the development and implementation of potential improvements.

If you have questions or would like to receive notifications of community meetings please send an email to or call Jeff Daniels, Roads Superintendent, at 707-464-7238.  If you would like to provide input please use Commonplace, the online survey, or mail a comment card to the Community Development Department at 981 H Street, Suite 110; Crescent City, CA 95531.
Content from the 1st Stakeholder and Community Meetings