Humane Services

Humane Services

Injured Animals

For stray domestic animals, or in the event that an owner is unknown or can’t be contacted, the department will pick up and transports sick or injured animals to veterinarians for emergency treatment or euthanasia depending on the extent of the injury.

Should you need help with injured wildlife, please contact the California Department of Fish and Wildlife in Eureka at 707-445-6493 or the Humboldt Wildlife Care Center at 707-822-8839.

Kennel Inspection

Private kennels are inspected by the Department for sanitary conditions and proper care of their charges. Please contact our department if you have a kennel to license or if you would like to know which kennels in our county are licensed and inspected.

Deceased Animals on Roadways

Our department removes small to medium dead animals on county roadways. Please contact the Roads Department for removing large animals from county roads. CALTRANS is responsible for dead animal removal from state highways. City Public Works should be contacted for removal within city limits.